Carpet and Allergies

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Carpet and Allergies

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Carpet Alergies

Carpet is a wonderful product although there are a few misconceptions out there regarding their suitability to those with allergies.
The most common belief is that carpet harbours dust and particulates which trigger allergies, yet if the carpet is harbouring these particulates then they are less likely to be airborne, less likely to trigger reactions.
Carpet is like a filter and like all filters they are exceptional at catching all of the bad bits including any sprays, odours, tiny mould spores, household chemicals etc.

Dirty and somewhat smelly situation.

While these are being held at bay out of our sight they are building up in to a dirty and somewhat smelly situation, they are burying themselves very deep in to the fibres of your carpet.
Regular vacuuming with a good quality vacuum cleaner will keep things under control but considering we are living with our airborne dust and particulates in an underfoot filter it is always wise to get your carpet professionally cleaned annually.

Truck mount machine.

When Steve at Shipshape Services cleans your carpet professionally we use a truck mount machine that extracts and gives a deep steam clean with temperatures exceeding up to 80 degrees.
This kills bacteria, mould spores, dust mite etc. that lay in the carpet fibres, this will remove all of the nasties collected over the past months, refreshing and rejuvenating your carpet for a longer cleaner life expectancy.
Once your carpet is cleaned, Steve then deodorises and sanitisers all carpet.

Allergen dust mite treatment.

Shipshape Services also offer an anti allergen dust mite treatment that neutralises the dust mite faeces to reduce asthma and respiratory issues.

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