Marble And Stone Polishing Noosa Heads

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Marble And Stone Polishing Noosa Heads

Marble Polishing Services Noosa Heads

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Marble And Stone Care Noosa Heads

Marble Polishing Services Noosa HeadsAt Shipshape Services, we specialise in providing high-quality Marble Polisishing that leaves your Marble Surfaces Polished and looking their best covering all of the Sunshine Coast including Nossa Heads.
Marble and stone surfaces change after several years of exposure to air, water, wear and tear and chemical cleaners. We have the experience and technology to polish years of grime and wear off your marble or stone tiles. We use a diamond pad system, hand machines and lamb’s wool buffers for marble polishing and stone polishing to achieve a seamless finish.
Shipshape Services can also polish and restore:

  • Marble benchtops
  • Stone benchtops
  • Pool surrounds
  • Outdoor tiles
  • Decorative stone or marble panels

At Shipshape Services, we understand stone surfaces, and we understand that marble polishing is not a straightforward procedure that many people have the time or equipment for. It is important to seek professional care, and our friendly experts deliver a level of professionalism that ensure you receive the best value for money to carry out a high quality polish.
Some quick information about marble.
Marble is a beautiful luxurious stone that has become part of our homes and work places, whether it be your designer kitchen bench top, flooring or a beautiful feature wall in your work place foyer, we use marble more now than we ever have before. Marble may be a fascinating feature and give us the feeling of lux but it doesn’t come without its flaws.

Marble is a porous stone that needs maintenance and upkeep to preserve its deserved elegance. Due to the high porosity of marble any liquids that are spilled on a marble surface can and will absorb resulting in dark staining which is very difficult to remove. Marble is prone to etching which is caused by acidic liquids/food and abrasive cleaners. The acids react with the calcium carbonate in the marble creating dull spots.

Marble etching

Marble etching happens with harsh/abrasive cleaners and acidic liquids have come in contact with the marble resulting in a loss of shine, change in texture and sometimes slight change in colour. Depending on the severity of the etching this may only be visible in certain lights although if the etching is quite bad you will notice it in any light or on any angle. The easiest way to avoid etching is to seal your marble.

Marble sealing

Marble sealing is the most manageable way to prevent the absorption of liquids, a quality sealer provides a thin barrier between the marble and acidic spills. Sealer will also provide protection from superficial damage. Please be aware that any acidic liquids such as fruit juice, wine or vinegar can etch surfaces and should be cleaned up immediately

Marble maintenance

Whether you’ve just had your marble restored to its former beauty or you have a brand new piece of pure luxury in your home or workplace the best way to maintain your marble is to seal it. This will not only protect your marble but it will be free of blemishes for longer periods of time, you can also choose between glossy, slightly darker or natural finishes

Marble cleaning

Always use cleaning products that have a PH level lower than 7 as they are classified acidic and are more likely to cause damage to your marble, this is a good time to remind everyone that fruit/juices [lemons and limes etc.] also contain a PH level lower than 7. Avoid abrasive cleaners on your marble as they can create superficial scratches to your surfaces. When cleaning your marble we recommend you use a damp cloth that has a gentle solution PH neutral washing up liquid and water, then dry the surface straight away. It is definitely worth having your marble surfaces sealed and protected.

White Stun marks

Commonly caused in marble from high heels and blunt object pressure. Grinding and honing may reduce stun marks but they can prove difficult to remove.


Rings and spots from water are common on kitchen benches and marble tops. Marble polishing powder will remove light spots whereas deeper spots may require honing. A stone paste wax on bench tops and tables will help prevent watermarks.

Restoring Marble

With years of experience, Steve at Shipshape Services can hone and polish your marble using a diamond pad system, hand machines and lamb’s wool buffing pads to give you a flawless result
Contact Steve at Shipshape Services for all of your marble and stone needs.

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