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One of the biggest, yet in some cases most neglected investment in your home.
Sunshine Coast quality Tile and Grout Cleaning Services at Competitive Prices.
Call the leading professional tile cleaners on the Sunshine Coast for your home or business and commercial needs.
Tile and Grout Cleaning brings your tiled area back to life, while removing hard to reach scum, dirt and grime.
Commonly laid grout is porous and over time with everyday wear and tear and common spills, your tiled flooring can look worse for wear.
Many customers who are placing their homes on the market have found a professional tile and grout clean to add enormous value to their home.
Impressions are everything and giving your flooring a refreshed look, will make all the difference.

Is your floor looking tired and out of date, Contact Steve from Ship Shape Services for a free quote and advice, Steve and his Family has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 2001.
Tiles are usually placed in high traffic busy areas around your home, therefore are punished relentlessly with dirt, grime, grease and anything else that attaches itself to the bottom of your shoes!
Tiles are great for an easy clean; drop the footy boots- no problems just a quick sweep; spill some juice– easy just a simple wipe up.
But what you don’t see it the residue from all of these little daily mishaps building up in the grout and leaving a light residue on top of your tiles.
A problem with tiles getting dirty is we tend to add a bit more cleaning agent to help, but this is the worse thing you can do.

The more detergents you use on your tiles the more chemical residue builds up, once this happens an increased amount of dirt and grime will adhere to your floors. Steve at Shipshape Services offers a great tile and grout steam cleaning service using specialised cleaning solutions with a truck mount machine that reaches temperatures up to 80 degrees.
Having your tiles and grout cleaned professionally will bring back the shine, killing bacteria, removing built up grease and grime.
Make sure you check out our grout sealing too, once your grout is sealed it will make your cleaning life a little easier preventing liquids etc. from penetrating in to the grout looking newer for longer.

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Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and grout maintenance

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Tiles are commonly used in high traffic areas throughout homes and businesses, therefore dealing with high levels of bacteria, grime, spills, dirt etc. Undoubtedly, no amount of scrubbing can cope with such punishing activity. However, there is a way out! It’s professional tile and grout cleaning Sunshine Coast from Steve and his Shipshape services.

Steve offers a professional tile and grout steam cleaning service using specialized cleaning solutions with a truck mount machine that reaches temperatures up to 80 degrees. Once cleaned Steve will rinse and neutralize your floors for a fresh new feel.
Professional tile and grout cleaning Sunshine Coast will not only bring back the shine. It will also kill bacteria, remove built-up grease and grime leaving your tiles hygienically clean ready for immediate use.

Feel free to ask Steve how to keep your floors in Shipshape condition with tile and grout sealing. What’s more, our scheduled maintenance clean and our products will help you look after your floor in between professional cleaning.

Tile Sealing Sunshine Coast

For any home or business owner tiles are a substantial investment, the life expectancy of your tiles is considerable. Therefore, it is imperative to look after and maintain them in the best way possible. Professionally sealing your tiles will ensure a great resistance to spills, stains, mould, and discoloration.

Most tiles when laid have a factory seal or glaze which is sufficient for the life of your tiles. It is a common misconception that all tiles can be sealed. With tile and grout cleaning Sunshine Coast you won’t pay for needless tile sealing. Steve will identify the tiles in your home or business and discuss an appropriate method to clean and seal (if warranted) for maximum results.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Steve for more information about tile sealing Sunshine Coast or supplying the correct cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions.

Types of Tiles Shipshape Services Clean and Seal

Professional tile and grout cleaning Sunshine Coast is available for:

  • Travertine tiles – A form of limestone, travertine is a soft stone with natural surface holes and crevices which require regular maintenance.
  • Terracotta tiles – Clay tiles that vary in color and texture, these are porous and should be sealed before use.
  • Sandstone tiles – With a grainy texture and huge variations in appearance, most sandstone, especially coarse-grained tiles, will require sealing to protect the surface.
  • Slate tiles – Can be polished and sealed or left in their natural state. Slate is a sturdy surface that will stand the test of time if cleaned and sealed correctly.
  • Limestone tiles – These should be pre-sealed before installation because they are soft and susceptible to marking and scratching. Not recommended for high traffic areas.
  • Marble tiles – seal when newly laid and keep grit free to avoid scratching and damage. Marble tiles may need repolishing every few years in high traffic areas.
  • Porcelain tiles – these man-made tiles are fine-grained and glazed or unglazed. They are hard wearing and do not usually require the same amount of maintenance, however cleaning and resealing will preserve their beauty.
  • Granite tiles – Practically impervious to scratching, staining and may only need sealing to protect the grout.

Grout Sealing

New tiles and grout? Prevent stains and discoloration of grout before it happens with an application of grout sealer making cleaning and maintenance easier. Tiles and grout that have already served for a while? Let Steve take a look at your tired tile grout and advise you how to restore and refresh for a new look.

Grout resealing will give best results following a deep tile and grout steam clean removing stains, dirt, grime, bacteria etc. Sealing grout is necessary for wet areas to cut down the incidence of hazardous moulds and bacteria that grow on surfaces. These are hard to remove from grout with standard cleaning methods. Moulds and bacteria cause black, ugly staining and are often the cause of odours in bathrooms, toilets, and laundries.

Recolouring Grout from Shipshape Tile and Grout Cleaning Sunshine Coast Services

This is best done after a deep clean. You will not believe how different your floor or wall tiles will look after the grout is cleaned and recoloured. For the best results, we apply a grout sealer to protect against further staining and marks.

Shower Grout beyond a Clean?

Sometimes mould will build up behind silicone as well as in the grout. However, it’s not a problem with grout cleaning Sunshine Coast services from ShipShape.

We will clean the shower tiles and grout, remove and replace the silicone with epoxy grout sealer that has a hardener in it. This is a great way to rejuvenate your shower and give it a brand new look.

Note that with Shipshape grout cleaning Sunshine Coast services the choice of colours is available.

Marble and Stone Polishing

Marble and stone surfaces change after several years of exposure to air, water, wear and tear and cleaning solutions. That’s why Shipshape tile and grout cleaning Sunshine Coast services include marble and stone polishing.

We have the experience and technology to polish years of grime and wear off your marble or stone tiles. We use a diamond pad system, hand machines and lamb’s wool buffers for marble polishing and stone polishing to achieve a seamless finish.

With Shipshape tile cleaning Sunshine Coast services you can also get polished and restored:

  • Marble benchtops
  • Stone benchtops
  • Pool surrounds
  • Outdoor tiles
  • Decorative stone or marble panels

Marble and Stone Post Polishing Care

Once your marble or stone has been restored, you will want to keep it looking fantastic as long as possible. If you are experiencing problems, we have listed eight common problems and solutions Shipshape tile cleaning Sunshine Coast services offer:


Dull spots from acidic liquids, most usually occurring on marble and limestone. Acidic cleaning solutions and certain drinks will etch. If etching is light, it can be removed with marble polishing powder. Deep etching will require professional stone polishing.


White powdered residue on the stone surface, caused by exposure to an excess of water. The stone should be buffed, but effloresce will continue until it dries out.


Usually from wear and tear. Keep softer stone floors mopped and place doormats at all entrances. Badly worn tiles will require professional stone polishing.

Pitting and Flaking

A serious problem if small holes are developing in your tiles or pieces is flaking off. This is caused by trapped deposits from excessive water, and will usually mean that the stone must be replaced.


A common problem as most stone surfaces stain easily. Foods, drinks, oils, and rust will stain marble and limestone. It is best practice to apply sealant when stone or marble is laid and clean spills as soon as they occur.


The most common causes are settling, poor installation or accidents. Cracks can be repaired with colour-matched epoxy.


Rings and spots from water are common on kitchen benches and marble tops. Marble polishing powder will remove light spots whereas deeper spots may require honing. A stone paste wax on bench tops and tables will help prevent watermarks.

White Stun Marks

Most usually occurring marble, high heels and blunt object pressure are the common causes. Grinding and honing may reduce stun marks but they can prove difficult to remove.

Sandstone Cleaning

Shipshape tile and grout cleaning Sunshine Coast services also include sandstone cleaning. Sandstone tiles are durable, easy to clean and less expensive than other stones. On the downside, sandstone needs to be sealed as it can be porous and is reactive to acid.
Well maintained sandstone tiles add timeless appeal to any property, but improper cleaning and lack of maintenance can make them prone to scratching, staining, and fracturing.

Steve can keep them in Shipshape condition. He can provide the best sandstone cleaning solutions and maintenance schedules to prolong the life and beauty of your tiles.

Foot traffic is one of the main reasons that sandstone tiles become dull because fine scratching occurs from dust, sand, and grit being underfoot. After prolonged wear tile surfaces lose their reflective properties and look worn and tired. As part of our sandstone restoration process, we use a specialised polisher to return a smooth finish to your sandstone tiles. Besides, we apply a penetrating sealer immediately after cleaning sandstone tiles to reduce soiling and acid attack. As a rule, sandstone tiles look best with a low to a medium sheen.

Sandstone Sealing

Sandstone Sealing is one more offer from Shipshape tile and grout cleaning Sunshine Coast services.

Sandstone has a high porosity which means oily substances will absorb quickly and leave stains, while red wine, lemon juice, and colas will cause acid etching.
We use a penetrating sealer to protect your tiles and grout from stains, scratches, and acids. Sandstone sealing with a breathable, impregnating sealer means you will have fewer problems with staining, scratching or acidic liquids. Furthermore, cleaning and maintenance will be easier.

Impregnating transparent sealers will provide excellent protection and enhance the natural look of the stone.

Caring for Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tiles are easiest to maintain with a maintenance program in place. The following tips will help you keep a surface sheen and cut down on stains between professional sandstone cleans.


  • Clean any spills immediately;
  • Seal sandstone tiles when installed;
  • Make sure there are mats in doorways to prevent excess dirt and grime on your sandstone tiles;
  • Clean sandstone floor tiles regularly with a microfiber mop.


  • Use bleaches or ammonia;
  • Use vinegar or acidic cleaners;
  • Use scouring pads or brushes and abrasive cleaners.

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