Vinyl Floor Cleaning

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning

We can make your dull and faded vinyl & lino floors look brand new!

Vinyl floors are more commonly used in commercial areas therefore can endure more foot traffic than a domestic area would. If properly maintained vinyl floors are not only aesthetically pleasing they are hard wearing and long lasting.

Vinyl floors are frequently used in Veterinary Clinics, Dental Labs and Clinics, Stores and Supermarkets, Conference and Dining rooms etc.

Floors may or may not need fully stripping and sealing- that will depend on the shape the floor is in. Talk to Steve about maintaining your vinyl floor and how to get the best result when cleaning, maybe a regular maintenance program would work well for your situation and the longevity of your vinyl floor.


How we clean Vinyl

  • After Steve has inspected the vinyl floors he starts the cleaning and sealing process.
  • Steve will give a time frame that he will need to complete the cleaning and sealing of your vinyl floors.
  • All furniture will be moved so that the floor can be prepared for cleaning.
  • Vinyl floors will be thoroughly cleaned of any dry soil etc.
  • We then apply a vinyl floor stripper solution.
  • Scrub with machines to agitate old layers of sealer dirt and grime.
  • Steam clean the vinyl floors to prepare for new sealer.
  • Rinse and PH neutralise.
  • Dry with high speed air movers.
  • Apply approx.. 6 coats of quality sealer.


This process will leave your floors with a high shine finish that will protect your vinyl floors and leave your work place hygienically clean and sanitised. Contact Steve from Shipshape Services to discuss your vinyl floor needs

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