Commercial Floor Cleaning Sunshine Coast

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning Service in Sunshine Coast

In general, most companies spend a lot of time and money trying to please customers and entice them to choose their place of business, whether it be family entertainment, body corporate shops, roadhouse stops etc.
A lot of time and energy goes into advertising, products, promotions, efficiency, staff training etc. But no client is going to be completely satisfied if the facilities are unhygienic. High traffic areas suffer with excessive amounts of dirt, grease, grime, oils etc. you could have the best cleaning team and get your facilities cleaned daily but it can be very difficult to keep high traffic areas clean with a mop and cleaning products.
Steve at Shipshape Services uses a truck mount machine that steam cleans with temperatures up to 90 degrees, we use special cleaning solutions and always clean your tiles and grout twice to give your facilities a hygienic finish.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

  • Toilet and shower facilities.
  • Carpark foyers.
  • Elevators foyers.
  • Walkways.
  • Reception foyers.
  • Doctors.
  • Dentist.
  • Vet
  • Bank Floors.
  • Pool and barbeque areas.
  • Arcades.

Our cleaning system will give your commercial property a visual lift and a sense of comfort for your clients.
Make sure you check out our website to learn more about what we do. Shipshape Services can
Strip and seal vinyl floors – to rid those scuff marks and scratches.
Clean, polish and seal marble and stone floors, feature walls and bench tops.
Steam clean, deodorise and sanitised carpeted rooms.
Steam clean, deodorise and sanitise all upholstered waiting room chairs, lounge suites, conference/dining rooms chairs etc.
The basic facts are if you keep your business clean and sanitised you will achieve a longer life span from your flooring and furnishings, as well as keeping your customers happy and comfortable.

Check out why Shipshape Services is the best in the business on the Sunshine Coast for Commercial Floor Cleaning.


Commercial Floor CleaningSince its foundation, Shipshape grout sealing company has been working constantly on the quality of our services. As a result, today we can firmly state that we deliver the most efficient and thorough cleaning services in Sunshine Coast. At Shipshape our main mission is to protect the investments and health of our clients through an effective floor cleaning solution. On the whole, our success rests on two fundamental principles. They are the unparalleled customer service and the usage of modern powerful equipment. With Shipshape services you are sure to get:

  • Fast response and qualitative services regardless of the complexity degree of your definite case;
  • Highly trained licensed experts with in-depth knowledge and long-lasting practice in the field of floor cleaning services;
  • Advanced ecologically friendly modern equipment that is safe for children, allergic individuals, and pets;
  • Cost-effective solution that won’t ruin your family or company budget;
  • The highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

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