Spring Cleaning Sunshine Coast

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Spring Cleaning  Sunshine Coast

Spring Cleaning Service Sunshine Coast

When it comes to your residence, there’s no place for half measures and compromises. Undoubtedly, everything should look 100% clean and attractive to please the eye and assure comfort. Frankly speaking, it’s almost impossible to get the desired result without the assistance of real pros. That’s when our experienced cleaners Sunshine Coast Queensland come into play. Shipshape grout sealing company is committed to delivering the best carpet and floor cleaning services you can find. Actually, we boast a premier line up of services that outperform the competition. Our Sunshine Coast mobile cleaning extends beyond carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning to tile and grout, flooding and water restoration. In fact, our expertise stretches far and wide 

For some time now we’ve been spending more time at home, we’ve changed the way we live and how we go about the new normality!
We used to get home from school or work, rush off to footy training, pick up from gymnastics, start dinner and prepare for the next day. Well suddenly things just slowed up a little, there is less work, or work from home, no more rushing off to afternoon sport or car-pooling to organise.
We’ve become accustom to working from home, eating in rather than dining out, the dinner time meals became lounge room picnics, the dining room has become the office and our bedroom became the classroom!

Home Spring Cleaning

Changing our life style is not a bad thing, it’s just different, we are using our homes in more diverse ways. Using our furniture more & in different ways has of course lead to more crumbs between the couch cushions, excess coffee spills on the fabric dining chairs & our bedroom carpet and or mattress has become our class room, lunch break room, conference room, social gathering room etc.

Upholstery Cleaning

Maybe it’s is time to get in and have your upholstery freshened up, get those stains out of the dining rooms chairs, sanitise your floors and generally feel better at home.

Lounge suites, dining chairs, footstools, office chairs are all everyday items in our households. We all use them. However, do we ever think about what harbours in the fabric? Food and drink spills, body sweat, hair, dust mites, mould spores, and the list goes on! This means that you just can’t do without upholstery cleaning Sunshine Coast.
Steve from Shipshape Services willget your place ready for Spring, feel fresh again and enjoy your home environmen

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