Vinyl floor cleaning

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Vinyl floor cleaning

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Vinyle floor cleaning
Vinyl floors can be sealed or unsealed pending the area used. Due to the different uses, the cleaning may also vary.
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To discuss the needs of your commercial vinyl floor cleaning.
For a standard clean to an unsealed vinyl floor:
Machine scrub the vinyl floor using cleaning solutions
Rinse and neutralise the vinyl floor
Dry with high-speed air movers
Then buff with a polishing pad.

Vinyl Sealing

If your commercial vinyl floor is in need of maintenance or a lift then contact Steve from Shipshape Services he will;

  • Fully strip off the old sealer
  • Steam clean using a truck mount machine and cleaning solutions
  • Rinse and neutralise the area
  • Dry with high-speed air movers

Apply up to 6 coats of a quality sealer this will result in your vinyl floors having a high shine finish, the vinyl’s finish is extremely impressive and even looks like you shouldn’t walk on it; but don’t let that stop you from getting back to work!
Contact Steve from Shipshape Services 0400832374 and discuss a maintenance program that will suit the commercial vinyl flooring in your workspace.
Shipshape grout sealing company specializes in in-floor cleaning services. Our cleaning services in Sunshine Coast are an efficient cost-effective solution both for your home and office.
With Shipshape grout sealing company you’ll not only find the best possible one-time floor cleaning solution. You’ll also get a wise advisor capable of helping you protect your property by taking preventive measures.

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