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Marble Stone polishing Sunshine Coast

Marble and stone surfaces change after several years of exposure to air, water, wear and tear and chemical cleaners. We have the experience and technology to polish years of grime and wear off your marble or stone tiles. We use a diamond pad system, hand machines and lamb’s wool buffers for marble polishing and stone polishing to achieve a seamless finish. Shipshape Services can also polish and restore:
  • Marble benchtops
  • Stone benchtops
  • Pool surrounds
  • Outdoor tiles
  • Decorative stone or marble panels

Marble Stone Polishing Sunshine Coast Shipshape services have the experience and technology to bring your stone and marble back to new Call Steve 0400832374

Once your marble or stone has been restored, you will want to keep it looking fantastic for as long as possible. If you are experiencing problems, we have listed eight common problems and solutions below:


  • Dull spots from acidic liquids, most usually occurring on marble and limestone. Acidic cleaners and chemicals and certain drinks will etch. If etching is light, it can be removed with marble polishing powder. Deep etching will require professional stone polishing


    • White powdered residue on the stone surface, caused by exposure to an excess of water. The stone should be buffed, but effloresce will continue until it dries out Dullness
    • Usually from wear and tear. Keep softer stone floors mopped and place doormats at all entrances. Badly worn tiles will require professional stone polishing

Pitting And Flaking

  • A serious problem if small holes are developing in your tiles or pieces are flaking off. This is caused by trapped deposits from excessive water, and will usually mean that the stone must be replaced
  • Staining

  • A common problem as most stone surfaces stain easily. Foods, drinks, oils and rust will stain marble and limestone. It is best practice to apply sealant when stone or marble is laid and clean spills as soon as the occur.


    • The most common causes are settling, poor installation or accidents. Cracks can be repaired with colour-matched epoxy


  • Rings and spots from water are common on kitchen benches and marble tops. Marble polishing powder will remove light spots whereas deeper spots may require honing. A stone paste wax on bench tops and tables will help prevent watermarks

White Stun Marks

  • Most usually occurring marble, high heels and blunt object pressure are the common causes. Grinding and honing may reduce stun marks but they can prove difficult to remove.


  • Rings and spots from water are common on kitchen benches and marble tops. Marble polishing powder will remove light spots whereas deeper spots may require honing. A stone paste wax on bench tops and tables will help prevent watermarks

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Sandstone Cleaning

Sandstone tiles are durable, easy to clean and less expensive than other stones.
On the downside, sandstone needs to be sealed as it can be porous and is reactive to acid.
Well maintained sandstone tiles add timeless appeal to any property, but improper cleaning and lack of maintenance can make them prone to scratching, staining, and fracturing.
Steve can keep them in Shipshape condition and can provide the best sandstone cleaning solutions and maintenance schedules to prolong the life and beauty of your tiles.
Foot traffic is one of the main reasons that sandstone tiles become dull, because fine scratching occurs from dust, sand and grit being underfoot. After prolonged wear tile surfaces lose their reflective properties and look worn and tired; as part of our sandstone restoration process, we use a specialised polisher to return a smooth finish to your sandstone tiles.
A penetrating sealer should be applied immediately after cleaning sandstone tiles to reduce soiling and acid attack. Sandstone tiles usually look best with a low to medium sheen.

Sandstone Sealing

Sandstone has a high porosity which means oily substances will absorb quickly and leave stains, while red wine, lemon juice, and colas will cause acid etching.
A penetrating sealer should be used to protect the tiles and grout from stains, scratches, and acids. Sandstone sealing with a breathable, impregnating sealer means you will have fewer problems with staining, scratching or acidic liquids; cleaning and maintenance will be easier.
Impregnating transparent sealers will provide excellent protection and enhance the natural look of the stone.

Caring for Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tiles are easiest to maintain with a maintenance program in place. The following tips will help you keep a surface sheen and cut down on stains between professional sandstone cleans.


  • Clean any spills immediately
  • Seal sandstone tiles when installed
  • Make sure there are mats in doorways to prevent excess dirt and grime on your sandstone tiles
  • Clean sandstone floor tiles regularly with a microfiber mop

Do not’s

  • Use bleaches or ammonia
  • Use vinegar or acidic cleaners
  • Use scouring pads or brushes and abrasive cleaners

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Vinyl floor cleaning and sealing

Shipshape Services offer a cleaning, sealing and maintenance program for your vinyl floors. Vinyl floors are commonly used in commercial businesses such as Kitchens, Supermarkets, Doctors, Dentists, Vets, Clinics, Retirement Centers etc.
We start by

  • Strip and scrub old sealer off the vinyl floor
  • Steam clean with a truck mount machine
  • Rinse and neutralise
  • Dry mop
  • Apply a number of coats of quality sealer
  • Dry in between coats using high speed air movers
  • Buff for a high shine finish

Take to Steve about maintaining your newly finished high shine floors to get long lasting results.

Floor maintenance/schedule cleans

Talk to Steve at Shipshape Service about maintaining your newly cleaned vinyl or timber floors. Steve can offer a scheduled maintenance clean in your home or business to achieve long lasting results, Steve can also advise you on how to upkeep your beautiful floors.

Timber floors re-sealing

Timber floors are usually the most stunning of floors but the sealer can wear and look a little tired, let Shipshape Services take care of re-sealing your beautiful timber floors.
Firstly we strip down old sealer, prepare the floor then re-apply numerous coats of new quality sealer giving you a high gloss finish and making those floors look like new again.

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