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Tips And Tricks


keeping carpet clean.
Always vacuum your carpet regularly using a power head vacuum cleaner, this is the easiest way to prevent your carpet from harbouring embedded dirt and allergens
Always get a professional carpet cleaning annually to ensure your carpet is thoroughly clean and sanitised
Always blot don’t rub if removing a spill
Avoid wearing shoes on your carpet to prevent dust particles etc. from working their way in to your carpet
Avoid using store bought stain removers, always seek professional advice to remove a stain

Tiles and grout

keeping your tiles and grout clean.
Always clean your floors regularly by sweeping or vacuuming and mopping as often as possible
Never start mopping in the kitchen as it is usually the area with the most grease and grime, therefore you will be spreading that throughout the house
Always empty the mopping water regularly, if you are mopping with dirty water it will get entrapped in the grout creating dirty grout quickly
Always use a good microfiber mop head and wash it, it is very hard to keep your floor clean with a dirty mop
Use a professional to clean your tiles and grout annually, they have equipment that can bring your tiles back to life – ridding the build up of detergents, grease, grime and bacteria that normal cleaning can’t

Controlling pests in your home.

Always use a pest control expert annually, they know what they are doing and can keep nasties at bay
Always sweep up crumbs and clean up food spills – vacuum and mop regularly
Always empty inside bins regularly and clean your bins
Always keep lids on containers that have food in them
Always store fruit and vegetables properly
Never leave water laying around, mosquitos love it!
Always clear clutter, don’t give them a place to harbour and breed
Always maintain your yard, again don’t give them a place to harbour and breed
Infestations are unpleasant and difficult to control, make sure you stay on top of your household maintenance and cleanliness